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Black Tie Luxury


In an increasingly “dress-down world” sales of formal evening suits are still buoyant. The iconic black tie evening suit made famous worldwide by Savile Row continues to be worn at parties and special events, as well as on the red carpet.

At Chester Barrie we like to innovate and I am very proud of our latest eveningwear selection. From a very luxurious silk jacquard jacket to suits in bright blue as well as classic black we have all the elements to make the wearer look and feel great. All feature in our Gold Label Collection and will feature in some form or other
at the Olivier awards this coming April. My favourite piece is the single-buttoned shawl collared Eastleigh dinner suit in black.

The cloth used is a medium weight worsted high twist fabric that has an incredibly rich handle and drape. It holds a magnificent shape. The lapels are faced in Mogador, a vintage blend of silk and cotton, and the corded Ottoman design reflects light with a subtle sheen. The unflapped side pockets are trimmed to match as are the buttons. We also offer a “pistol” shaped bow in the same material, it is the traditional style that you tie yourself. Our staff are always happy to show you how to tie a bow-tie if you need reminding.

Trousers on evening suits can be neglected, but I have selected a very traditional trim - called “Spanish braid” by the tailors of Savile Row - that decorates the outside leg. A belt is never worn with formal wear, so we have added our signature strap and buckle sideadjusters to the waistband to keep the fit snug and also allowing for comfort after a good dinner. All Chester Barrie trousers are delivered “unfinished” which allows for the inside leg to be tailored to your exact measures. Whilst we are seeing customers return to the fashion of a permanent turn-up or cuff, evening trousers should always be plain bottomed. I would suggest a slight slant to the hem to sit perfectly on your black highly-polished dress shoes. And whilst I am not a fan of novelty accessories, I do like a coloured and patterned silk handkerchief in the chest pocket with evening dress.

Black Tie Luxury
Black Tie Luxury
Black Tie Luxury

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