What makes Savile Row tailoring so unique?


What makes Savile Row tailoring so unique?

What is the allure of Savile Row? In part it is down to the Row’s wild and, frankly, quixotic history but as our store manager explains it also has a lot to do with the knowledge and attention of the people who work there.

3 July

The history of the aristocracy and royalty, as well as of celebrities, drunks and trend setters is entwined with the history of Savile Row. Over the years it has seen the Hollywood stars of the Jazz Age, kings and princes, soldiers and dandies, spies and rock ‘n’ rollers dipping in and out of its edifices.

It’s easy to get caught up in the nostalgia, since it is essentially a list of the most suave movements of the 2nd millennia. One only needs to imagine Beau Brummell bringing the trouser into popular form in 1808, or Bertie, the Prince of Wales ordering the first dinner jacket in 1860, or James Lock & Co. inventing the first bowler had on command of William Coke to help protect his gamekeepers against falling pheasants. Add to this Douglas Fairbanks Junior, Charlie Chaplin and Cary Grant flying over for fittings as well as Mick and Bianca, some while later, choosing their wedding outfits in the same store that now houses Chester Barrie and you have a heady mix invention, style and celebrity.

There is no other place like it in the world. The Row is synonymous with a certain, understated masculine elegance and remains a bastion of modern tailoring.

But talk to the people who work there and the Savile row story is more than the history and heritage. It is about the service, the knowledge and the attention to detail. We spoke to the manager of our Savile Row store to see what it means to him:

“People come here for a specific reason and they have a level of expectation. Whoever they are speaking to will know what they're talking about, they can give the service. And if they can't help them, they can recommend where else the customer should go. Nothing has really changed drastically over all the years. It is very traditional and I think that's what makes Savile Row so respected.

“Customers get an individual experience and service. People feel comfortable and relaxed here, there's no pressure.”

“At Chester Barrie customers can find the quality of knowledge, a wonderful customer experience and a very good cut,” he adds.


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