The Great Winter Coat

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The Great Winter Coat

If you are going to invest in one thing this winter, make sure it’s a Great Coat

30 November

There is a certain sense of security you get from a really good winter coat – a sense of protection that is hard to come by with any other item of clothing. Impervious to the weather, stylish in whatever social situation and enduring winter-after-winter; it is the most solid sartorial companion.

This makes the case for the coat to be the one piece you really should make an investment in. We have three to choose from:

Chester Barrie’s Great Coat in navy herringbone really does live up to its name – forming a cool silhouette for the city streets as well as being able to withstand harsh winter winds and biting frost. Its 100% Loro Piana wool, dramatic, angled lapels and its larger buttons make it the must have coat for the winter.

There is also a certain ruggedness to the Great Coat – if you are looking for a more sophisticated outlook and unfettered class, then the 100% cashmere, navy Chesterfield is your calling. The dart details on the sides, covered buttons on the breast and the introduction of a top pocket give the coat a regal finesse. It looks good and feels so luxurious - there is little that can challenge the  simple formality of a pure cashmere Chesterfield.

Meanwhile for everyday style, for affordability and for sheer versatility, we suggest the classic Epsom coat, made up of 90% sturdy wool and a 10% sprinkling of cashmere’s exuberance. The coat’s breast buttons are hidden beneath the fly which enhances its clean look and sharp shape. And it can nbe worn over tailoring or with knitwear for a more dressed down weekend look. It is a show stopping, wardrobe lifting piece that you will relish wearing

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