Chester Barrie Christmas Gift Guide

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Chester Barrie Christmas Gift Guide

We have made it our quest this Christmas season to make gift giving as simple as possible.

5 December

Clothes are notoriously tricky to buy for people as a present. So we have made it our quest this Christmas season to make gift giving as simple as possible. We have chosen three pieces from our Black and Gold range that really cannot go wrong.  While the family might have a good chance of guessing that the soft, squidgy presents under the tree are clothes, they won’t know that it is the premium luxury of Chester Barrie.

The Chester Barrie top frame briefcase is a gift too good to fail. It is made with the finest bridle hide layered on top of one another up (up to five including the corner patches) to ensure that despite hitting the floor day-in, day-out, the bag will withstand the knocks. Bags of this particular design end up back in the factory for repair some 50, 60 or, even some instances 70 years after purchase, but never do they perish. As well as durability, the chic, top frame briefcase proves why classic designs stick around; an important quality when purchasing for others.

A coat is perhaps the most forgiving item of clothing to gift. Unlike the suit (which really must be a try-before-you-buy purchase), if you know someone’s size it is a near certain it will fit. Secondly, and according to fashion history, by gifting a wardrobe staple, a design that has stood the test of time, you are exempt from blame if they do not like it. That is why we suggest the camel Epsom coat, made up of 90% sturdy wool and a 10% sprinkling of cashmere’s exuberance.  With the coat’s breast buttons hidden beneath the fly and its sharp shape, it is a show stopping piece to don this yuletide.

Lastly, The Sea Island fine stripe collar shirt will no doubt paint a smile across any receiver’s face. While size matters for shirts, like the coat, it isn’t imperative to try one on beforehand to get a good fit. This 100% Sea Island cotton shirt will bolster any suit it sits beneath with its exquisite blue and white stripes. It comes with a double cuff, giving purpose to those inevitable stocking filler cufflinks, and a gentle spread collar.

The Christmas stocking fillers are to the “main present” what hors d’oeuvres are to the fillet steak, so be sure to start Christmas day as you mean to carry on with these wonderful little gifts. Kicking off our selection is the navy zig zag chevron tie woven from 100% silk, a perfect business day tie with an elegant, timeless and stylish presence. Perhaps the first day back at work after two weeks of ungodly indulgence might not seem so drab with this sharp suiting accessory.

When it comes to black tie, there is nothing is as traditional, nor gallant as silk Mogador. The pistol style of Chester Barrie’s black bow tie is a flourish that will give charisma to what is a strict dress code.

Finally, the supple, soft touch of our deerskin gloves, lined with cashmere and stitched with an invisible seam at the cuff, are a wonderful present for the cold winter months. Even after years of being wrapped around steering wheels, snowballs and pint glasses, these gloves will not lose their shape.

Have yourself a Wonderful, Merry Christmas from all of us here at Chester Barrie.

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