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18 September

Elevate your tailoring status with Chester Barrie’s made-to-measure service, a luxurious treat for any stylish man. Drawing on the company’s 82 years of expertise in designing and crafting exquisite clothing, the made-to-measure (MtM) option marks a significant step up from regular ready-to-wear garments.

Chester Barrie is based on Savile Row in London, the heart of English tailoring. It was established to provide a more accessible alternative to bespoke and today it continues to offer clothing that bears all the hallmarks of great craftsmanship, with an eye for quality and an obsessive attention to detail.

The MtM service allows you, the client, to share in the design process - to create an outfit or a single piece that is unique to you and imbued with high standards. Whether you select a suit, a jacket, trousers or just a waistcoat, the resulting item will look amazing, fit you perfectly, wear extremely well and – this is the topper - make you feel extra-special. That is quite a list of benefits.

A Very Personal Experience

The MtM concept is based around a number of suit shapes, known as “blocks”, that can be adjusted before the garments are sewn in Chester Barrie’s renowned factories. At its most simple, therefore, MtM is like having your alterations done before you take the suit off the rail. More importantly the process allows you, as the purchaser, to define a large number of variables, including the cloth, lining, buttons, number of pockets, shape of jacket, width of lapel, shape of trousers, pleats, side fasteners, turn-ups and so on.

If this sounds exciting but daunting, don’t worry. The expert MtM team at Chester Barrie will give you plenty of time to consider every element. Taking you through every step, they will discuss your requirements for the garment and your personal preferences, as well as suggesting some new elements you might not have thought of, such as a turn-back cuff on a tailored jacket. All the team members are thoroughly trained to take the 15 measurements that will ensure that perfect fit.

At its most simple MtM is like having your alterations done before you take the suit off the rail.

Planning Your Visit

To help you decide what suit or jacket you want, before your visit, review your own wardrobe. Which jackets and trousers are you especially fond of? What styles feel most comfortable? Which colours seem to work for you? Which of your suits prompt compliments from your partner, friends and colleagues? Which details do you really find useful? Maybe that inside pocket for your smartphone, or the button on the trouser back pocket, or that comfortably deep side pocket? Or which bits really annoy you and you wish weren’t there? Don’t hesitate to take the garments you like to your Chester Barrie MtM experts.

Remember also what you admire about celebrities’ or friends’ suits. Is there something there you’d like to emulate or adapt?

Making Your Choices

Great men’s tailoring starts with the right choice of cloth. The Chester Barrie MtM service embraces a vast range of high-quality cloths from some of the best mills in the UK and Italy. You will be spoilt for choice. But do not be put off, the MtM team will advise on the right option for you. From a classic dark business suit cloth to a boldly patterned designs for jackets or waistcoats, the selection when you advance from the typical ready-to-wear range is huge.

Even if you prefer a conventional cloth and style, with made-to-measure, you can inject some of your personality with the “extras”. A vivid coloured or fancy lining is an obvious way to express your individuality, and once again the Chester Barrie options are impressively extensive, from paisley jacquards to fancy spots there is plenty to choose from.

A vivid coloured or fancy lining is an obvious way to express your individuality

And imagine how neat your garment might look with details like buttonholes sewn in an unexpected coloured thread or cuff buttons sewn on with a highlight colour thread. Chester Barrie’s MTM is all about adding such touches of individuality to make a garment yours and yours alone.

There is a superb selection of buttons too. It’s amazing how different two jackets can look just by having different buttons.


Very important in the MtM experience – and indeed for any suit – is to buy two pairs of trousers, as pants wear out much faster than jackets. You could, for example, have one pair with turn-ups and one with plain hems, or one with slanted side pockets and the other with frogmouth pockets. This is part of the appeal of made-to-measure – you can request what you’d be hard-pressed to find in an off-the-rail product. Think also about the waistband. Do you want belt loops or the very stylish side-adjuster?


A waistcoat adds a very elegant attitude to a suit or a jacket-and-trouser combo. Once again, Chester Barrie MtM offers a whole raft of styles for the waistcoat. You will be surprised how a well-fitting waistcoat improves your posture while making you look the business.

Owning Your Chester Barrie Made-to-Measure suit

Whatever your selection, you can be assured that the skilled craftsmen and women of Chester Barrie will produce for you exquisite and superb garments, combining decades of experience with modern techniques to ensure the most comfortable fit.

Once you step up from regular off-the-peg suits to the made-to-measure experience, it is difficult to go back to buying regular ready-to-wear.

We know you will enjoy owning your unique Chester Barrie suit.


Please email for more information.

Available in:

19 Savile Row
Tel: 0207 439 6079
House of Fraser
45 Buchanan St
G1 3HR
Tel: 0141 221 3880
House of Fraser
32 - 48 The Promenade
GL50 1HP
Tel: 0844 800 3715
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105-111 High Street
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