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Seen in Chester Barrie – Jack Guinness

26 February

Jack Guinness is a name that relentlessly crops- up. Catch him at swanky London events, in photoshoots in some of the best magazines, and in your Instagram stories bar, streaming some hilarious diatribe (he has some 67k followers). He is very modern man and he rather likes Chester Barrie.

Jack came to the scene as a male model, having fronted campaigns for Ugg, Hogan and Dunhill, and walking the catwalk for Dolce & Gabana and Oliver Spencer. With thanks largely to his silly sense of humour and deft intelligence (a Cambridge English Literature graduate), he has gone on to become a regular on the London scene, taking part on many panels, presenting short travel videos with GQ and hosting countless parties.

As of February 2018, he also launched something far more important, serious and note-worthy. He created The Queer Bible, essentially an online space/magazine for queer writers and artists to discuss their heroes. After seeing Sam Smith ridiculed online for thinking he was the first gay guy to win an Oscar. Jack saw this as an opportunity to fill the vacuum of queer history and contemporary documentation.

In amongst all this, Jack has slowly become a classy style icon, who dresses with such impeccable verve and style, always with a wry smile in his eye and a drink in his hand. Of course, a man with such style and sophistication dresses in Chester Barrie, “I’ve got a beautiful double breasted grey suit. It’s a classic”. Rather than standing out from the crowd, Jack prefers looking exceptional within it, “I’m not into that blogger peacocking, over-styled look. When you invest in a Chester Barrie suit, the tailoring does all the talking so that you can concentrate on being a brooding, handsome bastard.”

If he could sum Chester Barrie in three words? His charm comes through again: “They make suits… just kidding. Timeless, effortless luxury.”

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