The Double-Breasted Suit AW18: The Double Deal

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The Double-Breasted Suit AW18: The Double Deal

The finest Double-Breasted ensemble on Savile Row.

6 November

In part this is due to the cut of the cloth, fitted but still flattering and with a firm shoulder to accentuate the shape, but there is also the sub-conscious desire to stand tall as you button your jacket. Despite this classic shape having been historically resigned to the smoky boardrooms of pre-Thatcherite financiers, the classic db suit has returned with a strong modern sensibility.

One only needs look so far as Jack Guinness posing at our newly refurbished Savile Row store opening the other week to see how the double breasted has been lifted. It is the crisp and coveted brother of the single breast suit.

The double-breasted suit jackets in Chester Barrie’s AW18 Collection come with traditional peak lapels for sharpness of line, and new for this season, a two by six button figuration, which serves to both reinforce its structure and a sense of the jacket’s refurbed modernity.

The jacket’s heavy flannel material is 100% wool milled by Fox Brothers here in the UK and helps provide the comforting structure that is a signature feel of the double-breasted jacket. Trousers are flat-fronted and slightly tapered. They come un-finished, much easier to add the ever-popular turn-up.

Forget the old preconceptions, the double-breasted suit is a great addition to your winter wardrobe.

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