What to wear to a summer wedding

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What to wear to a summer wedding

A concise and full menswear guide to dressing to a summer wedding, which features dressing as a groom, the wedding party and a guest.

8 March

The invitation has arrived and the RSVP returned. Time has been booked off and the travel plans are sorted. There is just one thing left to set straight: what to wear. Ever loosening dress codes have given rise to more and more options, but so much choice can become overwhelming. So to make life a little easier we have a few tips and some great solutions. What to wear to a wedding this summer suddenly became a little less daunting.

Not every wedding will present the same criteria. So first of all check the invitation to see what the dress code is, then check the location to see what clothes are appropriate. A wedding in a church on a rainy afternoon in Scotland will require a totally different approach to a beach-casual wedding on the cascading sands of the Caribbean.

Golden Rules

  1. Err on the smart side.
  2. Never upstage the groom.
  3. In summer breathable fabrics and lighter materials are advised.
  4. Accessorise sparingly – a high-end watch.

The Outfits

The Groom

This navy, three-piece is a great choice for a groom. The striking blue lifts the suit above the ordinary while the added mohair gives it a crispness that adds to the allure. The addition of a waistcoat lends a certain decorum, a pre-requisite for a groom on his big day. (And, of course, there is also the added advantage of removing the jacket when it gets warm out on the dancefloor and still looking chic in just the waistcoat.)

The addition of 30% mohair has other benefits, bringing a degree of crease resistance so as you move from church to wedding car, to reception, to dancefloor, you will look as fresh as the moment you stepped out into the morning sun.

As for the rest, match the suit with black shoes (brown shoes will out of place). Pair with white shirt and patterned tie for a sharp contrast.

The Wedding Party 

For a groomsman with free reign over what to wear then this simple, two piece Berkley checkerboard in a light tobacco will look immaculate on the day. The quality of this material really matches up to the occasion. Try this suit with some well-kept black leather shoes, a pink shirt and a splash of personality with the art deco tie. Subtly reigns supreme with this look.

An oft forgotten problem at weddings is keeping hold of belongings without ruining the shape of the suit, so a good credit card holder will save a cumbersome wallet from ruining the suit’s silhouette.

What to wear to a summer wedding
What to wear to a summer wedding

The Wedding Guest: Option One

The summer wedding will we are sure be blessed with sunshine and warm temperatures. The mix of wool, silk and linen in the Heddon double breasted jacket will certainly help you stay and look cool.

If you are abstaining from a tie, a pocket square can be added for a splash of colour, texture and draw interest.

The Wedding Guest: Option Two 

This Balderton pindot suit is the more formal guest option to the Heddon jacket-chino combination. This soft blue suit is made from 100% wool from Vitale Barberis Canonico and even has an additional waistcoat, giving the option of a smart two piece or an exquisite three piece.

Worn simply with black shoes, a navy herringbone tie and a blue gingham shirt this outfit ensures the wearer looks as enchantingly cool as the clear blue skies above.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of options, but these outfits perfectly match the formality required of a summer wedding, while retaining style and individuality. Let these suits put in the hard style graft, while you enjoy the moment. 

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