How To Dress For A Winter Wedding

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How To Dress For A Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular and with it comes a new set of imperatives when planning what to wear. Here are our tips for looking your best:

4 December

Winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it is couples looking for something different second time around or the promise of snow and mulled wine round the open fire, tying the knot in the colder months is definitely a thing.

And with it comes a new set of imperatives when planning what to wear. Here are our tips for looking your best:

The most important rule is, perhaps, obvious: do the research to find out the dress code and follow it religiously. And of course, never upstage the groom. For example, only wear your morning coat when it is stated on the invitation.

And think about the weather too. It will be cold but the best way to generate warmth is through layers rather than heft. Wedding receptions are apt to whip up quite a bit of heat so to be able to adapt as the evening progresses will be a boon.

Of course, a wedding is one of the few occasions when you can really dress-up. A single breasted peak lapel suit always has a little bit more of an ‘occasion’ feel to it and our Tonik Ebury suit in navy will do the job admirably and with added elegance: it looks handsome; it will be within most dress codes; and it is unlikely to compete with the groom’s outfit.

A three piece suit also looks good at weddings and it comes with the option to take off the jacket, giving your body a bit of breathing space while still looking impeccable. The cool, grey mohair Tonik Elverton, or the charcoal birdseye Berkeley are the best options.

A growing trend seems to be for Black Tie weddings, especially in Winter, and our classic peak and shawl collar versions will certainly do the job but for something a bit different try Chester Barrie’s grey velvet dinner jacket.

The final choice is the double breasted suit. Buttoned up (and it should always be buttoned up) it looks very smart and it brings some added warmth as it often comes in flannel or other, heavier, cloths. Chester Barrie’s AW18 collection features two outstanding double-breasted suits, the blue Prince of Wales check and the grey - both constructed from a comfortable, heavy, English flannel.

Shoes should always be appropriate to the suit. The famous ‘no brown in town’ mantra no longer survives, but maybe stay on the classic side of footwear. Considering that dancing is inevitable, go for leather soles, no rubber and definitely no commando soles.

Be careful not to pile on too many accessories. If it feels excessive, it probably is. The wedding party may be given a corsage to wear, which should not clash with anything else they are wearing. A subtle handkerchief can lend a fresh, more formal touch (see our blue irregular polka dot or white dual edge plain handkerchiefs for stylistic flourish), and maybe a wedding is the perfect excuse to wear the great, great uncle’s inherited cuff links, but otherwise less really is more.

As for coats, they should always be longer than the suit underneath; otherwise it ends up imitating the ‘harassed commuter’ look. The charcoal mohair Change coat is a beautiful, simplistic way to look the part without shivering the whole ceremony through, since mohair has brilliant insulating qualities. Remember the trousers will show under the coat so make sure these two items do not clash, but also, stay away from an exact match. Plain navy long coat over plain navy suit may seem like a good idea but it might suggest either a) the ownership of only one suit and one coat or b) absolutely no imagination.

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