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Leicester Tigers

For the Gentleman on the move: Chester by Chester Barrie Traveller Plus Suits


It is often said that suits are unsuited to an all action lifestyle. Except that never stopped James Bond. Even as he’s being flung around by baddies and rocked by explosions, his tie is always straight and his suit perfectly neat, though he does have a wardrobe department full of suits.


For everyone else there’s the Traveller Plus suit from Chester by Chester Barrie, which has been designed for the rough and tumble of everyday life. It is water repellant and stain resistant, has a natural stretch (which means creases drop out) and has an anti-bacterial lining to help remove odours.


It is perfect for those who travel a lot or who are particularly heavy on their clothes, which is why we gave it to the rugby players of Leicester Tigers.  An altogether different but no less exacting type of hero than James Bond. The players wear their Traveller Plus suits for every formal appearance and home game - and trust us, these guys really put clothes through their paces.


There are two versions available on the Chester Barrie website a textured navy and a fine check in blue, the former has jetted pockets, the latter has flapped pockets but both offer a level of versality that you would expect from a travel suit: the jacket can be just as easily styled with chinos and a polo shirt for a dressed look or styled up with jacket and tie for the all-important business meeting – ideal if you are away overnight and want to travel light.

For the Gentleman on the move: Chester by Chester Barrie Traveller Plus Suits
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