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Elevated Business Dressing


Dressing for success has never been so glamorous, and dare we say it, so much fun. As the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and his Silicon Valley colleagues have claimed the T-shirt, chino and hoodie look as their corporate uniform, so the rest of us can concentrate on celebrating elegance in our business attire.


Dress down office attire has its time and place, but there are still crucial occasions when only the full rig will do: the big pitch, the job interview, a good table at a smart restaurant, and if all goes well, the promotion to the executive suite.


Our approach is something we’re calling ‘elevated businesswear’, which has all the sobriety and authority of you’d expect of an extremely smart suit, but with a bit more attitude. A closer look at the fabrics reveals interesting textural subtleties, the lines and proportions are a little stronger and more distinctive, and the shirts and ties that they are styled with are not your usual run of the mill, tired corporate options. The overall look is appropriately conservative, but also has enough subtle points of difference to allow you to stand out from the crowd and project a bit of personality, which is the key to success both in and out of the boardroom.


And while it is no longer very fashionable to say that “greed is good” or “lunch is for wimps”, we think that there’s more than a touch of Gordon Gekko about our ‘elevated businesswear’, which is no bad thing because in Hollywood, not only does the bad guy get all the best lines, he also gets to wear all the best outfits. 

Elevated Business Dressing

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