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How to Dress for a Wedding


Choosing a wedding suit should be relatively easy for a man; after all, the day belongs to the bride. But that doesn’t mean you should abdicate all responsibility. Indeed, the opposite is true – your making an effort will help make the day special.

Of course, you should always consider where the wedding is and the level of formality required. Happily, today, it is acceptable to wear a suit even at the most formal weddings. But if the invitation does state morning dress it is best to check. Even if you are buying a Savile Row suit.

In general, weddings provide an opportunity to dress-up, to express yourself a bit more than usual. This means you should wear something different to your everyday officewear, so avoid overly dark colours for suits (definitely too business) and opt for something a couple of tones lighter and brighter.

After that think about the shirt and tie combination. What will work with your wedding suit? The white shirt is a classic choice but also consider pale blue, pink or cream. As for the tie, small neat patterns work well but this can also be the time to throw a dash of colour or a bolder pattern into the mix. Then make sure all the furnishings - cufflinks, tie pin and watch - are subtle, understated and complement one another.

Finally, decide if you want a pocket square – but be sure not to choose one in the same fabric and pattern as your tie!  

This two button, three piece mid-grey sharkskin Albemarle suit, is a great wedding suit. And it is made all the more sophisticated, by the addition of a white shirt, silver check tie and silver tie pin.  This is an outfit to ensure that you’ll look both distinctive and distinguished on the big day (without upstaging the bride or groom). 

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How to Dress for a Wedding

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