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Introducing: The Cotton Bonded Kingston Mac


As miserable as the rain might be, there is something undeniably dashing and romantic about a man gliding around town in a raincoat with his collar up. It’s Michael Caine in the Ipcress Files or Alain Delon in Le Samourai. In both the raincoat helps the protagonist blend in with his surroundings. The spy (Caine) and the contract killer (Delon) do not want to stand out. The coat lends a cloak of anonymity while still providing a certain insouciant style.

And so it is with our new bonded raincoat, which we have had made in England – Corby to be precise. It is stylish without being obtrusive; practical and effective it also cuts a bit of a dash. The deep shade of navy and contrast detailing under the collar is subtle and refined, while the teflon coated cotton is guaranteed to keep you dry during even the heaviest downpour.  The half-raglan, half set-in sleeve offers freedom of movement at the back and shows a clean finish at the front.

All of which will allow you to step out into the rain with confidence - especially when you have the collar popped.

Introducing: The Cotton Bonded Kingston Mac
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