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Layer up with AW17 Coats


Winter, with its rain, cold, sleet, and unending days of grey offers us the opportunity to get dressed properly, to deploy the full might of our wardrobes against the elements: three-piece suit, hat, scarf, and most importantly of all: a winter coat.

A coat becomes your signature over the winter months, acting as a final, definitive flourish that lets the world know that you are now (properly) dressed. In Godfather 1, when Michael Corleone enlists the help of the baker’s son, Enzo, to stand guard outside the hospital to help protect his father, he pops the collar of his coat to not only hide his face from the would-be assassins, but also, to help him act the part. With his coat on and his collar popped, the terrified baker’s son momentarily becomes a man of honour. Perhaps because it’s designed to save your life; a winter coat has both drama and elegance.

And when the British weather starts doing its dastardly worst, that’s when the soft downy fleece of a cashmere goat really comes into its own; especially the fibres on the undercarriage of the animal which are particularly warm and fluffy. We’re putting it to good use on our range of overcoats and top coats this winter, the showstopper being our Change Coat: woven out of an extra thick 2 ply cashmere and featuring a black alpaca contrast collar, this coat is so luxurious and soft, you’ll secretly hope that spring never comes again.  Meanwhile, the Epsom in windowpane check and the double breasted Great Coat, channel an art deco, matinee idol glamour. All of our coats have the luxury dialed up to 11.

All of which should make the walk into the office that little bit nicer in the winter months, because when you’re swathed in fabric made by Loro Piana and Vitale Canonico Barberis, how bad can life really be?

Layer up with AW17 Coats

AW17 Coats

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