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Our Made-to-Measure Service

Chester Barrie’s work with Leicester Tigers has allowed our tailoring team to really develop their skills and knowledge. This in turn has been passed down to the rest of our MtM specialists.

            There are two main reasons why you might want to choose to have a suit or jacket made especially for you. The first is because you want a cloth or detail that is not in our ready-to-wear collection – our selection of cloths is extensive, from the hardwearing to the superfine, from classic business to colourful tweed.

            The other reason is fit – be that because you want a suit that has been created just for you or because you fall outside the standard size range. Our personal tailoring specialists understand this and have the ability to dress many sizes.

They will take up to 20 measurements and have the experience to allow individual preference and most body shapes. Interestingly, most bodies are not symmetrical and we always take this into consideration.

            Some shapes are, of course, harder to fit than others and we are happy to provide a free consultation service to give you the time and freedom to decide what is right for you. Please allow up to eight weeks for your suit to be ready and expect there to be some alterations after the first fitting.  Prices start at £995 for a suit.


Please email info@chesterbarrie.co.uk for more information.

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